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Macao special released in 2013 season, creating most of the Asian Championship history
发布者:Leo Texas Holdem  发布时间:2013-7-3 16:32:02  阅读:3338

PokerStars Macau City of Dreams in live poker room announced the 2013 race for the remainder of the special day. These games will become Asia's largest and the guaranteed prize pool in the history of the most lucrative Texas Hold'em tournament.

April, the Macau Poker Cup MPC latest open in Macau poker room heavy launch, creating a Red Dragon Main Event 891 new records. August 9 to 19 will be held MPC return of $ 11,000 Red Dragon again, guaranteed prize pool of up to five million Hong Kong dollars!

APPT Season 7 is the Asian Poker Championship Finals ACOP, hold time is October 18 to November 3. The highlight of the poker section is HK $ 100,000 (US $ 13,000) in the main event, a guaranteed prize pool of up to 20 million Hong Kong dollars ($ 2,600,000).

Prior to this, ACOP will be held respectively in July 11 -14 May and September 12 -15 days ACOP: Platinum series. The highlight of the series is HK $ 5,500 platinum ACOP Main Event, the margin of 500,000 Hong Kong dollars. Each field can participate in the main tournament ACOP: Platinum Series playoffs, the game will be held at the PokerStars online September 29, 21:00 Hong Kong time. Texas Hold'em players have the opportunity to win the game worth HK $ 100,000 ACOP Main Event tickets.

2013 special tournament time

(All figures are in Hong Kong dollars)

July 11 -14 ACOP: Platinum Series - HK $ 5,500 Main Event (500,000 Hong Kong dollars deposit)

August 9 -18 MPC - 11,000 HKD Red Dragon Main Event (5 million Hong Kong dollars deposit)

September 12 -15 days ACOP Platinum Series - HK $ 5,500 Main Event (500,000 Hong Kong dollars deposit)

October 18-November 3, ACOP - 100,000 HKD Main Event (2000 Hong Kong dollars deposit)


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